Founded in 2007, the Lithuanian Jazz Federation is only organization which unites and represents Lithuanian jazz musicians, promoters, organizers and critics.

Federation advocates economical, law and professional interests of the members.

Creates positive environment for business enterprises connected with jazz for the promotion of jazz culture.

Organizes a stage for presentation of Lithuanian jazz musicians projects and programs, concerts, international exchanges and other cultural projects related with Federation field of interests.

Is among the first organizations which began to celebrate International Jazz Day in Lithuania and to encourage other organizations to join this initiative in Lithuania. Federation try to unify all initiatives and to organize one common PR campaign for the celebration of this day

Cooperates by exchanging information with other similar organizations in Lithuania and abroad.

Federation organizes various events for musicians artistic level improvement, such as round table discussions with jazz sessions. Also organizes possibilities to raise professional qualifications in Lithuanian and foreign educational institutions.

It associates to other umbrella organizations both in national and international level for representation of members.

It also promotes Lithuanian performers and projects in international level, work in fund raising field. Federation takes part in trade fairs of jazz and world music Jazzahead and Womex, take part in activities and events of international organizations.

Lithuanian Jazz federation issues annual CD “Jazz from Lithuania” which includes recent compositions and constellations of Lithuanian jazz players, this is main document about Lithuanian jazz evolution nowadays.